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Disrupting Gold

Why Bitcoin is the best form of sound money 

Gold has been the best store of value for over 5000 years. History shows how sound money always prevails over centralized money. With the birth of Bitcoin, a new form of sound money was created, even better than gold. With gold having a 9 trillion $ market cap, Bitcoin shows serious potential contesting gold. But how can it go beyond gold? Find it out here at The Young Bitcoin Group.  

The Network Effect

The largest, safest, and most distributed network in the world​

For over 12 years Bitcoin has proven itself to be the safest and most decentralized network in the world, with its proof of work and distributed ledger principles. As Bitcoin grows its network becomes safer and more decentralized. Want to understand the basics of the underlying technology of Bitcoin? Find it out here!

Programmable Money

Disrupting conventional money with Smart Contract technology

Can you imagine your dollar bill has a chip inside it that you can program as you please? The possibilities become endless. With Smart Contracts, famously introduced by Vitalik Buterin, the concept of smart money has developed a new meaning.

The Fall of Fiat

Why centralized money is doomed to fail according to history

In 1971, the gold standard was lifted by President Nixon. Since then we have seen unprecedented wealth growth for the rich. Prices have skyrocketed while wages barely grew. 1971 started the fall of the dollar and today we see it crumbling as extensive amounts of money are being printed. Bitcoin was created as the ultimate hedge against the centralized fiat system. Learn here how to step into the world of Bitcoin.




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